Letter from Recruitment Chair: 

Dear Potential New Member,phimu

The week of recruitment is an anticipated time of the year for both Phi Mu and you, the potential new member. We are lucky at Elon to have recruitment at the beginning of the spring term, which gives each of you the time to explore college life before becoming involved in Greek Life. I encourage you to become involved, try new things, and most importantly keep an open mind during your first few months at Elon!

I hope that many of you will take advantage of what Greek Life has to offer and sign up for recruitment during you first semester through the Greek Life office or at

Phi Mu has been the most meaningful experience to me during my four years at Elon. The support, friendship, and overall positivity Phi Mu has brought into my life is something I am thankful for each day. Phi Mu as an organization participates in philanthropy events, intramural sports, and academic support yearlong. The commitment to excellence that my sisters have across all of these areas is something that I am truly proud of. Most importantly, Phi Mu is what changed, “I’m going back to school” to “I’m going back home.”

As this school year’s recruitment chair, I am thrilled to be the one welcoming a new pledge class during the spring of 2014. Bid Day is one of my favorite days of the year, as we welcome our new pledge class with cheers, smiles, and open arms as they run to our house as Phi Mus for the first time.

I wish you luck in your first semester at Elon, and I am looking forward to meeting you during spring 2014 recruitment.


Kerry Oursler

Phi Mu Director of Membership

Gamma Nu Chapter


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