About Gamma Nu

Phi MuPhi Mu was founded in 1852, at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia by Mary Ann Dupont, Mary Elizabeth Myrick and Martha Bibb Hardaway. It began as the Philomathean Society, a literary society, and is the second oldest society for women. The Philomathean Society became Phi Mu Fraternity in 1904.

From Bid Day to graduation, the ladies of the Gamma Nu chapter of Phi Mu at Elon University have a commitment to serving others, leadership, sisterhood and scholarship.

We strongly support and are actively engaged in the sorority as well as the Elon community that surrounds us. Our philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network, is something we sincerely hold dear to our hearts. We also dedicate our time and service to Cystic Fibrosis, which is another important charity to the Gamma Nu chapter. Through our fundraising, teamwork and dedication we are able to make and see a difference be made.

The sisters of the Gamma Nu chapter believe in the ideals of Love, Honor and Truth. The memories and bonds that we create at Elon University and abroad are unique and unbreakable. Being a sister of the Gamma Nu chapter of Phi Mu at Elon is a lifelong journey of support and love.

Please explore our blog and get to know the lovely ladies of Phi Mu at Elon University.


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