Phi Mu Convention 2014

Told by Gamma Nu President Lindsey Freedman:

The 2014 Boca Rotan Phi Mu Convention was an amazing experience. Tara and I met so many amazing women and learned so much about Phi Mu Fraternity. The Convention was held at the Waldorf Astoria and Beach Club in Boca Rotan, Florida. It feels only natural that the convention was held in a pink resort. On top of that, the Boca Beach Club is a treasure. The food, atmosphere, and people were incredible.


This year’s convention brought over 600 women to Boca. Events included pool parties, business meetings, rituals, etiquette lunches and yachts. Each day was simply packed with multiple activities and fun. I still can’t believe we got so much done in just 4 short days.

A few of my favorite things were the business meetings, yachts and my time with past National President Kris Bridges:

Business Meetings were like formal chapter meetings but with hundreds of women. It was so interesting watching parliamentary procedure and seeing how active one can be in Phi Mu after the collegiate years. Additionally, the woman sitting next to me had been to more than 20 conventions. It was inspiring seeing a woman, like my friend Rose, who was so passionate about Phi Mu and had made so many friends from coming to every convention.

The 4TH OF July Yacht Cruise was amazing because we were able to watch fireworks all down the waterway at multiple different locations. Tara and I were lucky enough to get front row seats on the yacht and we relazed the entire cruise. Additionally, Boca is known for incredible real estate. The houses we saw were absolutely amazing, I think Phi Mu Gamma Nu needs to relocate ourselves to one of the Boca mansions.

Kris Bridges, is the outgoing national president, and she was an inspiration to watch throughout the conference. She was always so poised, well-dressed and charismatic. My goal the entire convention was to meet her. On the last night, at the Carnation Ball, I happen to run into her in the hallway and finally got my picture. It was the cherry on top to convention.


Despite all the fun, I am so excited about the changes coming to Phi Mu Gamma Nu. I learned so much while in Boca Rotan and was inspired by so many amazing chapters and women. And lemme tell you, next convection we are coming home with more awards! I have a new respect and love for Phi Mu and feel so lucky to spend time at convention with new friends and our amazing advisor Tara. 2016 convention will be in Chicago IL, maybe we’ll just see you there!

Academic Honor Roll
Formal Recruitment Quota Award
Chapter Total Award