Graduation 2014



On Saturday, May 24th Elon’s 124th Commencement for undergraduate students was held under the oaks. Sports commentator Mary Carillo delivered the Commencement address. The former tennis star shared her wisdom from a professional sports and broadcasting career that has included coverage of multiple Olympic Games.

Carillo shared some advice with the graduating class stating, “”I’m not asking you kids to change the whole world. But if you’re kind, you’re doing far more than you know. There’s nothing more powerful than kindness,” she said. “If you’re kind to people, if you change one life because of how you treat someone, and if that person in turn is kind to someone else, that’s how this great spinning world of ours really changes.”

A total of 1,207 students received diplomas, and the class of 2014 is the largest in institutional history.

Elon President Leo M. Lambert closed the ceremony, and instructed members of the Class of 2014 to act as a family and to “take care of each other. Live a life of kindness, compassion and generosity.”

Later in the evening, the Phi Mu graduates all attended a grad party celebration, where the entire pledge class was invited. Senior Lauren Thebault remarked on the evening quoting, “ It was amazing- so bittersweet but we had a perfect day. It was beautiful outside and the party was the best night for us. It was so fun with all of us there together, and we had an incredible band that helped make the night even more special.”

We are so proud of our graduating seniors, and wish them the best on their journeys ahead!


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