Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This past Sunday we held our first major philanthropy event of the spring, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an annual brunch that our chapter hosts to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network.

 This year our philanthropy chair, Caitlin Miranda, made it into so much more than a standard breakfast. The breakfast showcased a fashion show featuring outfits from the local boutique here at Elon-Mynt. Outfits from Mynt were paired with clothing from Rent the Runway, a one stop shop to rent dresses & accessories by famous designers. The models were our very own sisters- and even some of their fabulous mothers and siblings. Highlights of the fashion show included guest Vaughn Vreeland’s emceeing, and Junior Kendall Quinn walking down the runway while eating a pasty. Both elements were hilarious, and made the show very memorable.

Another main part of the event was the prize giveaways. Some of the prizes were a Tiffany’s necklace, a Molly Beads necklace, a painting by our talented artist Brynna Bantley, gift cards to local companies, and much more. ( Lucky girls!) 

Besides the fun activities going on at the event, one of the best parts was meeting the families of some of our sisters. Many girls brought their mothers or sisters for the weekend, and it was a great chance to hang out and talk to them. Freshman Melina Accarpio quotes, “It was really exciting for my mom to finally meet my Big and my G, as she has heard so much about them.”

 Overall the event was a huge success, and we thank all of our guests for coming and spending the afternoon with us for such a great cause! All proceeds from the ticket sales went to CMN, and over $3,000 was raised.

Image   ImageImage


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