Greek Week Dance

This past week a dedicated group of our girls performed at the infamous Elon event, Greek Week! This event is something people both in and outside of Greek Life look forward to each year. Each organization performs a dance in the Alumni gym in front of a crowd of over 2,000 people. After practicing for months, we were more than excited to represent Phi Mu and bring all of the hard work and long hours of practice to life.

Senior Victoria choreographed the impressive dance this year, and did an absolutely amazing job. They perfected the blending of our theme with a dance number to create “The Phi Mu Emergency Room.”  Victoria reflects back on the experience quoting, “I couldn’t be happier with how the dance turned out! I couldn’t have done this without the amazingly talented dancers and support of our whole chapter.”

The months of practicing brought the dancers close together to create memorable friendships, one of the best parts about the entire experience. When it came time for the show, the dancers were ready to go, and had a blast performing it.



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