MK Cheers

“Mere and I are so similar in countless ways. Not only do we have the same interests, but we’re both incredibly motivated and determined” – Kelsey Egan

Meredith Pratt and Kelsey Egan recently started a lifestyle blog, creating and collaborating their interests about fashion, healthy recipes, and lifestyle tips. It all started because of their shared interest in reading fashion and lifestyle blogs. After nights of staying up until three to four every morning reading these blogs, Meredith and Kelsey finally came up with their amazing idea to start a joint blog! And, as Meredith puts it, “the rest is history!”

With Kelsey currently living in New York City and Meredith still at Elon, scheduling on Google Docs has become their best friend.  To keep their blog up and running, Meredith and Kelsey text and email to discuss the details of their upcoming posts. However, as easy as this may sound, Kelsey confesses, “I’d be lying if I said being apart was easy. We’re much more creative when we’re sitting at our little dining room table at Penthouse drinking coffee and brainstorming. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that again when we are both in NYC after Elon.”


MK Cheers has received a tremendous amount of support through brands interacting with their posts on social media as well as people following, commenting, and liking their pictures. Through everyone’s continuous support and positive reactions, Meredith and Kelsey are always enthusiastic and excited to keep sharing! Kelsey says, ”I think 15 people have told us they’re transforming their mom’s old fur coats into cute short jackets!”

In terms of ambitions for their blog, Kelsey states that “the ultimate goal is to express ourselves and have fun while we do it.” Meredith and Kelsey want their readers and followers to enjoy taking a break from their day to see what MK Cheers is up to. The girls also hope that more readers and other companies and brands will collaborate with them in the future to keep their a blog a success.

“For as long as we have something to say, we will be writing posts!” – Meredith Pratt





Twitter: @mkcheers




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