Chili and Bingo Night

            This past Thursday, Gamma Nu participated in Chili and Bingo Night at a local church here in Elon. Phi Mu, along side Zeta Beta Tau and several other Elon University organizations participated in the event. Roughly ten Gamma Nu members helped work the event by passing out food and drinks, while many others simply attended for fun.


            One of the main attractions at this event was, of course, the chili. There were at least seven different types of chili available that were all homemade and delicious. The most popular selection was the “classic chili” with both beans and meat. Other varieties included white chili, vegetarian chili, chicken chili and chili with no beans. Essentially, there was every type of chili present to tickle your fancy. An array of homemade deserts and breads were also up for grabs.

            It wouldn’t have been a chili and bingo night without some bingo! Everyone who attended the event was able play this fun and familiar game. According to Emma Carty, a member of Gamma Nu, “this was the best part of the night.” It was a time for both students and members of the community to let loose and have a good time, not to mention there were prizes! Mostly donated to the church by local businesses, there were many gift cards being given away as prizes.

            This was a great way for the members of Gamma Nu to stay involved with our community. A member of the church commented on “how great it [was] that Phi Mu could make an appearance” at their event- we were more than happy to support! 




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