Bid Day 2014

Despite the freezing cold weather we had during the week of recruitment, Bid Day came with warm weather that allowed us to easily celebrate one of the best days of the year.

On Sunday, February 2nd Phi Mu Gamma Nu welcomed its newest pledge class of 56 amazing girls. The theme this year was “ All You Need is Phi Mu Love”. Our girls looked perfectly chic wearing tie-dye tanks, flower headbands, and jean shorts. Inside the house flowers were everywhere and we had the amazing DJ Adzman playing music for all of us to dance to. After lots of hugging and picture taking the new girls sat down and introduced themselves to all of us for the first time as a pledge class.

They were then introduced to their spirited and eager pledge mom, Brynna Bantley. Later that night the new girls went to the house to bond and relax while watching the Superbowl- a perfect end to the memorable recruitment week. Freshman Lizzie Gallup reflects on the day quoting, “When I ran down the hill and got to the house I didn’t know what to expect, but there were girls there who were hugging me and were so unbelievably happy to see me. Everybody was telling me I was about to have the best four years of my life, and I instantly knew I made the right choice.”


The week was led by our dedicated and fun-loving recruitment chair, Kerry Ousler, and her assistant Victoria. We wouldn’t have gotten the amazing pledge that we did without all their hard work. In addition, these girls were guided through recruitment by our six  outstanding Pi Chi’s: Emmy Bird, Molly Topp, Cabell Doswell, Allie Peed, Emma Tucker and Alex Iula. They were greatly missed, and it was so exciting to have them run down the hill and back into our sorority. Junior Emma Tucker agrees. “It was one of the best experiences of my life and really rewarding. Coming back on bid day was overwhelming, but all the girls in Phi Mu made it so much better.”


Here are the names of all the girls in our newest pledge class!

Kellie Heye, Sydney Harris, Julia Kopelman, Rachel Walsh,Melina Accarpio,Emma Haslun,
Helen Williamson, Alice Levy, Tricia Sorrentino,Isabel Koehler, Katie Swan, Athena Petredis
Dana Maloney, Jordan Serotte, Nina Beigelman, Elli Morrison, Anna Toth, Julia De Sanctis
Abby Forbes, Nelly Gargano, Virginia Kelly, Lexie Bicknell, Claire Carroll, Jordan Scull  Steph Babcock, McKenzie Walker, Julia Savely, Kayla Lorberbaum, Allie Nick, Madeleine Lane, Kristin Laub, Chloe Skeadas, Paige Madden, Lizzie Lewis, Charlotte Eisenstadt, Abbey Dale, Emma Kvaale, Casey Wagner, Rory Quinn, Kristen Mcgee, Casey Santarpia, Kendall Soracin, Carolyn Murray, Quinn Kennedy, Meghan Leonard, Katherine O’Donnell, Julia Cain, Katie Canney, Sarah Richardson, Anna Dorsey, Lizzie Gallup, Ally Corbi , Julia Gariocochea, Katie O’Leary, Emily Dzilensk, Steph Dareshori



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