Meet the New Phi Mu House Girls!


Every fall here at Gamma Nu, we get a new set of “House Girls”. This group is made up of nine sophomores and one junior who were hand picked to live in the Phi Mu on-campus sorority house. These girls are chosen to represent Phi Mu at Elon University, as well as Greek life as whole on Elon University’s campus.

The ten lovely members of the house include Harrison Bowden, Reed Haeckel, Rachel Krauss, Jordan Doherty, Ruthie Robinson, Claire Watkins, Courtney Hayes, Caroline Morelock, Shannon McMillan, and house captain Hannah Friedman. The on-campus house is made up of four double bedrooms and two singles—one of which is reserved for the house captain.

After having lived in the house for only a few short weeks, all of the girls agree that they are beyond happy to be there. Rachel Krauss remarked how she loves, “being surrounded by [her] sisters all day. Living in the house makes [her] feel more involved in Phi Mu and reminds [her] how much it means to her”.  While reflecting on how the group has been getting along, Caroline Morelock exclaimed that, “the house dynamic is great and something special!”

In addition to getting along swimmingly and representing Phi Mu well, the house girls have also been making an effort to maintain solid relations with the other Greek organizations on campus. They have already had dinners and social events with many of the fraternities living on campus. Jordan Doherty recalls these events as, “fun and a good opportunity to mingle with neighbors!” Claire Watkins even baked cookies for a number of the houses after accidently setting off the fire alarm one evening.

This will definitely be a rewarding year for the house girls and the entire Gamma Nu chapter looks forward to watching them grow!