Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This past Sunday we held our first major philanthropy event of the spring, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an annual brunch that our chapter hosts to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network.

 This year our philanthropy chair, Caitlin Miranda, made it into so much more than a standard breakfast. The breakfast showcased a fashion show featuring outfits from the local boutique here at Elon-Mynt. Outfits from Mynt were paired with clothing from Rent the Runway, a one stop shop to rent dresses & accessories by famous designers. The models were our very own sisters- and even some of their fabulous mothers and siblings. Highlights of the fashion show included guest Vaughn Vreeland’s emceeing, and Junior Kendall Quinn walking down the runway while eating a pasty. Both elements were hilarious, and made the show very memorable.

Another main part of the event was the prize giveaways. Some of the prizes were a Tiffany’s necklace, a Molly Beads necklace, a painting by our talented artist Brynna Bantley, gift cards to local companies, and much more. ( Lucky girls!) 

Besides the fun activities going on at the event, one of the best parts was meeting the families of some of our sisters. Many girls brought their mothers or sisters for the weekend, and it was a great chance to hang out and talk to them. Freshman Melina Accarpio quotes, “It was really exciting for my mom to finally meet my Big and my G, as she has heard so much about them.”

 Overall the event was a huge success, and we thank all of our guests for coming and spending the afternoon with us for such a great cause! All proceeds from the ticket sales went to CMN, and over $3,000 was raised.

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Greek Week Dance

This past week a dedicated group of our girls performed at the infamous Elon event, Greek Week! This event is something people both in and outside of Greek Life look forward to each year. Each organization performs a dance in the Alumni gym in front of a crowd of over 2,000 people. After practicing for months, we were more than excited to represent Phi Mu and bring all of the hard work and long hours of practice to life.

Senior Victoria Cagliero choreographed the impressive dance this year alongside assistant Nicole Barletta, and they did an absolutely amazing job. They perfected the blending of our theme with a dance number to create “The Phi Mu Emergency Room.”  Senior Victoria Cagliero reflects back on the experience quoting, “I couldn’t be happier with how the dance turned out! I couldn’t have done this without the amazingly talented dancers and support of our whole chapter.”


 The months of practicing brought the dancers close together to create memorable friendships, one of the best parts about the entire experience. When it came time for the show, the dancers were ready to go, and had a blast performing it. 



This past weekend Elon held a popular tradition in support of an inspiring cause.

 ElonThon is the largest student organized philanthropy, benefiting Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham, NC. Every year Elon students come together at Alumni Gym for a 24-hour dance marathon to support the incredible children and families treated at Duke Children’s. Since 2003, Elonthon has grown into an incredible campus-wide event, bringing in thousands of students every year.

There are hundreds of Dance Marathons around the country, each benefiting their own Children’s Miracle Network hospital.  They differ in size, location, themes, length… the only things they share are the common goal, to help kids, and the rule that you must remain standing for the entirety of your time at the event!  It’s all a symbol of the hope and support we give to the child patients and their families.  


 The event was especially memorable for our dancers because it supports our philanthropy that we work so hard to honor year round. We proudly sponsored the cause alongside SUB, Coca Cola, and many more. During the event dancers were able to compete in color wars, go swimming, draw, play games, meet CMN hospital patients and survivors, and of course- Dance!

 Laughter, singing, some tears and hugs later, the total amount raised was announced. After hard work and dedication, ElonThon  raised an incredible grand total of $176,261.94. We are so appreciate of everyone who donated to the cause!

 “When sickness stops, we’ll dance for joy.  Until then, we’ll keep dancing for life.” 




MK Cheers

“Mere and I are so similar in countless ways. Not only do we have the same interests, but we’re both incredibly motivated and determined” – Kelsey Egan

Meredith Pratt and Kelsey Egan recently started a lifestyle blog, creating and collaborating their interests about fashion, healthy recipes, and lifestyle tips. It all started because of their shared interest in reading fashion and lifestyle blogs. After nights of staying up until three to four every morning reading these blogs, Meredith and Kelsey finally came up with their amazing idea to start a joint blog! And, as Meredith puts it, “the rest is history!”

With Kelsey currently living in New York City and Meredith still at Elon, scheduling on Google Docs has become their best friend.  To keep their blog up and running, Meredith and Kelsey text and email to discuss the details of their upcoming posts. However, as easy as this may sound, Kelsey confesses, “I’d be lying if I said being apart was easy. We’re much more creative when we’re sitting at our little dining room table at Penthouse drinking coffee and brainstorming. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that again when we are both in NYC after Elon.”


MK Cheers has received a tremendous amount of support through brands interacting with their posts on social media as well as people following, commenting, and liking their pictures. Through everyone’s continuous support and positive reactions, Meredith and Kelsey are always enthusiastic and excited to keep sharing! Kelsey says, ”I think 15 people have told us they’re transforming their mom’s old fur coats into cute short jackets!”

In terms of ambitions for their blog, Kelsey states that “the ultimate goal is to express ourselves and have fun while we do it.” Meredith and Kelsey want their readers and followers to enjoy taking a break from their day to see what MK Cheers is up to. The girls also hope that more readers and other companies and brands will collaborate with them in the future to keep their a blog a success.

“For as long as we have something to say, we will be writing posts!” – Meredith Pratt





Twitter: @mkcheers



Big/Little Reveal

Last week Phi Mu held a fun and enjoyable sorority tradition for our newest pledge class.


Wednesday, March 5th was a big day at Elon for the new members of Gamma Nu- it was big/ little reveal. “Big sister” and “little sister” in Greek life means the new member now has a family within their organization.  A big sister is a mentor to the new member and is someone that they can always go to if they need something, words of advice, or just a friend to rely on.


Big little reveal in Phi Mu is an exciting surprise. The reveal was memorable for all the girls, and adds another special element into our organization. Freshman Allie Nick explains that her big is someone she can trust, and will help to make the next three years of her Elon experience unique and noteworthy. “I am so happy I can finally call her my big,” she adds.


Chili and Bingo Night

            This past Thursday, Gamma Nu participated in Chili and Bingo Night at a local church here in Elon. Phi Mu, along side Zeta Beta Tau and several other Elon University organizations participated in the event. Roughly ten Gamma Nu members helped work the event by passing out food and drinks, while many others simply attended for fun.


            One of the main attractions at this event was, of course, the chili. There were at least seven different types of chili available that were all homemade and delicious. The most popular selection was the “classic chili” with both beans and meat. Other varieties included white chili, vegetarian chili, chicken chili and chili with no beans. Essentially, there was every type of chili present to tickle your fancy. An array of homemade deserts and breads were also up for grabs.

            It wouldn’t have been a chili and bingo night without some bingo! Everyone who attended the event was able play this fun and familiar game. According to Emma Carty, a member of Gamma Nu, “this was the best part of the night.” It was a time for both students and members of the community to let loose and have a good time, not to mention there were prizes! Mostly donated to the church by local businesses, there were many gift cards being given away as prizes.

            This was a great way for the members of Gamma Nu to stay involved with our community. A member of the church commented on “how great it [was] that Phi Mu could make an appearance” at their event- we were more than happy to support! 




This past Tuesday, February 11th, Phi Mu, Elonthon and Zeta Beta Tau partnered together to host  FTKoffee House.

 This event was held to benefit Duke Children’s Hospital and raise money for the kids. Together, we raised a grand total of $1,200! During the event multiple artists performed, and from live bands to guitarists and singers, everyone was there to benefit this amazing cause.


Yummy baked goods and grilled cheese were also served, in addition to crafts for everyone to make for the kids. T-shirts for Elonthon were sold, and a lucky winner won a door prize at the end of the night. In addition, we had a patient from Duke Children’s Hospital come and talk about how much the hospital has helped her, and how events like FTKoffeehouse inspire her as she continues her journey.


The event was incredibly successful and we had a great turn out. We hope that it motivated others to dance for the children at Elonthon in April, and to give to the inspirational cause as well.


Bid Day 2014

Despite the freezing cold weather we had during the week of recruitment, Bid Day came with warm weather that allowed us to easily celebrate one of the best days of the year.

On Sunday, February 2nd Phi Mu Gamma Nu welcomed its newest pledge class of 56 amazing girls. The theme this year was “ All You Need is Phi Mu Love”. Our girls looked perfectly chic wearing tie-dye tanks, flower headbands, and jean shorts. Inside the house flowers were everywhere and we had the amazing DJ Adzman playing music for all of us to dance to. After lots of hugging and picture taking the new girls sat down and introduced themselves to all of us for the first time as a pledge class.

They were then introduced to their spirited and eager pledge mom, Brynna Bantley. Later that night the new girls went to the house to bond and relax while watching the Superbowl- a perfect end to the memorable recruitment week. Freshman Lizzie Gallup reflects on the day quoting, “When I ran down the hill and got to the house I didn’t know what to expect, but there were girls there who were hugging me and were so unbelievably happy to see me. Everybody was telling me I was about to have the best four years of my life, and I instantly knew I made the right choice.”


The week was led by our dedicated and fun-loving recruitment chair, Kerry Ousler, and her assistant Victoria Cagliero. We wouldn’t have gotten the amazing pledge that we did without all their hard work. In addition, these girls were guided through recruitment by our six  outstanding Pi Chi’s: Emmy Bird, Molly Topp, Cabell Doswell, Allie Peed, Emma Tucker and Alex Iula. They were greatly missed, and it was so exciting to have them run down the hill and back into our sorority. Junior Emma Tucker agrees. “It was one of the best experiences of my life and really rewarding. Coming back on bid day was overwhelming, but all the girls in Phi Mu made it so much better.”


Here are the names of all the girls in our newest pledge class!

Kellie Heye, Sydney Harris, Julia Kopelman, Rachel Walsh,Melina Accarpio,Emma Haslun,
Helen Williamson, Alice Levy, Tricia Sorrentino,Isabel Koehler, Katie Swan, Athena Petredis
Dana Maloney, Jordan Serotte, Nina Beigelman, Elli Morrison, Anna Toth, Julia De Sanctis
Abby Forbes, Nelly Gargano, Virginia Kelly, Lexie Bicknell, Claire Carroll, Jordan Scull  Steph Babcock, McKenzie Walker, Julia Savely, Kayla Lorberbaum, Allie Nick, Madeleine Lane, Kristin Laub, Chloe Skeadas, Paige Madden, Lizzie Lewis, Charlotte Eisenstadt, Abbey Dale, Emma Kvaale, Casey Wagner, Rory Quinn, Kristen Mcgee, Casey Santarpia, Kendall Soracin, Carolyn Murray, Quinn Kennedy, Meghan Leonard, Katherine O’Donnell, Julia Cain, Katie Canney, Sarah Richardson, Anna Dorsey, Lizzie Gallup, Ally Corbi , Julia Gariocochea, Katie O’Leary, Emily Dzilensk, Steph Dareshori


Meet the New Phi Mu House Girls!


Every fall here at Gamma Nu, we get a new set of “House Girls”. This group is made up of nine sophomores and one junior who were hand picked to live in the Phi Mu on-campus sorority house. These girls are chosen to represent Phi Mu at Elon University, as well as Greek life as whole on Elon University’s campus.

The ten lovely members of the house include Harrison Bowden, Reed Haeckel, Rachel Krauss, Jordan Doherty, Ruthie Robinson, Claire Watkins, Courtney Hayes, Caroline Morelock, Shannon McMillan, and house captain Hannah Friedman. The on-campus house is made up of four double bedrooms and two singles—one of which is reserved for the house captain.

After having lived in the house for only a few short weeks, all of the girls agree that they are beyond happy to be there. Rachel Krauss remarked how she loves, “being surrounded by [her] sisters all day. Living in the house makes [her] feel more involved in Phi Mu and reminds [her] how much it means to her”.  While reflecting on how the group has been getting along, Caroline Morelock exclaimed that, “the house dynamic is great and something special!”

In addition to getting along swimmingly and representing Phi Mu well, the house girls have also been making an effort to maintain solid relations with the other Greek organizations on campus. They have already had dinners and social events with many of the fraternities living on campus. Jordan Doherty recalls these events as, “fun and a good opportunity to mingle with neighbors!” Claire Watkins even baked cookies for a number of the houses after accidently setting off the fire alarm one evening.

This will definitely be a rewarding year for the house girls and the entire Gamma Nu chapter looks forward to watching them grow!